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Bilgisayarınız için en iyi 5 AntiVirüs Programı !!

MLG Antivirus

Akıllı Telefonlar İçin En İyi 5 Antivirüs Uygulaması - 2015

Malware, Spyware and Trojans are attacking through your internet connection! They must be stopped!

Spin up the CPU and power up your Firewall, Ice and Barricade defenses while you blast Viruses off your System with an arsenal of countermeasures like Power Surge and Laser Scan!

Choose one of 9 Internet Connection Configurations, fend off a dozen different types of invading Virus, you have 20 High-Tech upgradeable defenses to fend off this assault on your hardware.

A slick user interface and a wealth of strategic options make managing your hardware easier, but it’s your skill that will harness this power and keep your System free of infection!

If you've ever fought with a Pop-Up or kept a wary eye on a Phishing scam, this is your chance to take back the Net! Take your CPU on the offensive, and cleanse the internet of these marauders once and for all!

Prepare to be HIGHLY unproductive.

What's New in Version 4.0

iPhone 6, 6+ compatability, added in-app purchases.